3. artverso:

    Brian Bolland - Batman and Bane 

  5. amemejones:

    Anthony Misiano does the best Joker cosplay I have ever seen

  6. comicsman:

    http://ift.tt/GDWxSl redcell6:

    Spidey vs Venom by Todd McFarlane

  7. psychedellicwonderland:

    abandoned nursing home


  9. Man, it’s been quite a week.

    I go to a concert I’ve been waiting over 4 months for only to see someone I really never want to see there giving me the most awkward stares imaginable. She was even at the gym I go to like fuck sakes.

    Then, I get fired for no reason after 3 months which put me in a pretty shit mood I’m still in. Like fuck, can I at least have something go right in my life? Haha probably not.